The Joy, The Sorrow

by In the Wake of Giants

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We spent a solid year-plus writing the songs for said record...after losing a member, regaining a member, touring and sticking together, we came up with these songs. Take the journey with us, should you like.


released June 11, 2010

Robert LaValley: Bass, guitar, vocals
Sam Rodgers-Melnick: Drums, piano, vocals
Justin Nixon: Guitar, vocals, banjo
Drayton Frey: Guitar
Jed Dixon: Slide guitar




In the Wake of Giants Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: If I Were A Frog
Take me somewhere.

Somewhere I have yet to see in my few years on this rock. This rock so heavy laden with egotistical phantoms of personalities, consulting nothing but themselves.

Somewhere where these said beings don't exist and yet...and yet you're there. You're there powering the cool breeze that fans the vast oceans and great plains of the west.

Where I can be alone and yet surrounded by life that has much more meaning than I.

Tranquility found in a tree who's roots go so deep they are singed by magma at the very core of a place I am used to calling home and yet have never felt as if I belong.

Falcons perched on gnarled branches that have more years than my own family tree soar on hot air pockets that are so dense they could carry a man.

...but they won't.

Fruit so large they must be dug from the earth after they fall could feed a village for a month...yet I sit nibbling on grade F meat the size of my fist telling myself I'll dig up the fruit tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes because it will always be today.

Yeah, that may sound cliche but it's true - truer than anything I can remember being told about what's going to happen next. I'll probably never know and I tell myself I'm okay with that.

I'm not, though.

I could be climbing that tree. Climbing his strong branches and perching next to the apes and falcons and blue tree frogs who would love to talk, but don't because they don't know what to say.

I wouldn't know what to say if I was a frog.

One thousand feet later I'd be feeling the pollution-free air against my skin and tasting only the sweetest fruit man has ever known. I'd live there, you know, in that tree.

But no, that first branch is way too high, I tell myself. I'd rather stand in the sand at the bottom. Sand so deep I can no longer move my arms. Trying to make friends with the scorpions and spiders that trap innocence in their claws like a spider would - there's no analogy when you're already talking about spiders.

Perhaps I'm just too scared to move my arms - perhaps I haven't tried. In fact that branch is very much within my reach I just don't know it, or perhaps I do I've just forgotten.

That's it - I've forgotten.

I've forgotten what fresh air and sweet fruit and companionship is like because I can't see.

I can't see past the sand.

It stings, you know. Sand.

That sand really stings.

I'm not dead.


Too morbid for you? Yeah, me too. Maybe I'll reach for that branch.

Track Name: Look At You And All Your Strength
Sing Your Songs, You Bones!

The dead are alive, they're singing their songs!
The decrepit are here, they're singing along!

The boys took their fiddles and cut all the strings!
The girls are mute, there's nothing to sing!

The men stayed behind to polish their guns!
The women have left, took the kids on the run!

The rocks are crying out in the cold!
Our souls are deaf! To the devil they're sold!
Track Name: Stonewall Jackson
Forget the south! We're yankees forever!
Track Name: Rescued By A Sinking Ship
Take me home.

Take me home!
Take me somewhere!

Where I don't have to be alone! I'm so sick of being alone!

Take me somewhere!