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We are blind in hope.
Our hope is lost
We count down the hours
for the sun to rise again,
hoping to create a new day
but our hope is lost

We haven’t seen the light in so long
It’s fading into stories
that are fading into rumors
that are fading into myths
This morning we will sing
songs of memories long forgotten
of hymns now turned to dust.
At first light, we will sing our praises
That turned to dirges in the night.

Our voices dissipate into the night
Fractions of song ricochet off of our tongues
and are swallowed by the fog that chills our core.

We are lost and alone

Will be found? Will be found? Will we be found?

Coming home
Empty house
Learning how
To live without

Knowing this won’t last.
We won’t last.
You won’t last.
I won’t last.

Our hearts blended into one voice,
and our voice became a song.
(Don’t leave us alone like this)
(I’m sorry it had to come to this)
The song we sang lasted for hours,
but now the song is gone.
(We’ll never make it on our own)
(It’s your turn to wait for us)


from Forever, released June 7, 2012




In the Wake of Giants Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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