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This was written in one of the hardest times of our lives. We hope it makes the load a little lighter.

How would we impact the world if we lived for seconds, minutes, or hours? Centuries?


released June 7, 2012

We recorded this with Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings. He did a heck of a job.




In the Wake of Giants Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Seconds
My exit cold, and my eyes still
Track Name: Minutes
She collapses on the corner
Thinking she saw her boy
Ripped from the hands of his mother
The reason for all her joy

Cut the child into two
Give half to one
Half to the other

Lost from the start
Open up my heart
And test my strength
And try my faith

She was cutting down the flowers
From the wreath in her hair
She pretended not to care
But the loss was still there

Lost was his name
He wont remember the face
Of the father that loved him
Or the mother that bore him
Track Name: Hours
We are blind in hope.
Our hope is lost
We count down the hours
for the sun to rise again,
hoping to create a new day
but our hope is lost

We haven’t seen the light in so long
It’s fading into stories
that are fading into rumors
that are fading into myths
This morning we will sing
songs of memories long forgotten
of hymns now turned to dust.
At first light, we will sing our praises
That turned to dirges in the night.

Our voices dissipate into the night
Fractions of song ricochet off of our tongues
and are swallowed by the fog that chills our core.

We are lost and alone

Will be found? Will be found? Will we be found?

Coming home
Empty house
Learning how
To live without

Knowing this won’t last.
We won’t last.
You won’t last.
I won’t last.

Our hearts blended into one voice,
and our voice became a song.
(Don’t leave us alone like this)
(I’m sorry it had to come to this)
The song we sang lasted for hours,
but now the song is gone.
(We’ll never make it on our own)
(It’s your turn to wait for us)
Track Name: Days
I can't fight like this anymore
I can't live like this anymore
Track Name: Weeks
Hear our mourning, hear our groan
Hear our sorrow, hear our moan
Hear our chanting, hear our drone
We will reap what we sow

I am not a man
I’m a shadow of his face
I’ve thrown away my dignity for a chance to escape
from the one thing that haunts me
I will always be ashamed
When I abandoned my chid
When I abandoned his name

I can’t let go of this
I can’t take care of this
I can’t get rid of this
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t
Track Name: Months
Empty shell of a man that I am
I couldn’t hold together for her anymore
And I can’t put this bottle down
All of my sins tied to my hands
Walking around the streets of this town
looking for a way out
She got on that plane headed south
with our kid that I’ll never meet

And I’m coming apart at the seems now
Like this house that lets the rain come in at night

Oh, can’t you see?
I keep cutting my teeth on all of these broken dreams
Oh, can’t you see?
I keep cutting my teeth and it haunts my sleep

I’ve fallen down, I’ve given up the fight.
Track Name: Years
We have left our homes
thought to be our own
They were purified by fire
Left in the dark
Lit up by a spark
I can’t recognize your face

Sooty tears roll down our cheeks
and racking sobs expose our teeth
I watched the light leave your eyes
I watched the hope in your heart die

Our hearts are burning down

We have left our hearts
on the wrong side of our heads
Track Name: Centuries
Do you still wish to live
alive alone in time?
Do you not seek out death
at every chance you get?
What keeps you holding on
To every wasted breath?
Do you not seek out death
at every chance you get?

I wanted to die alone
You should never see me like this

Broken, lost, scared, alone, hopeless, godless, I’ve given up.
Track Name: Millennia
Well I broke my back on the bearing sea
I told you don’t come back for me
A man can’t change his destiny
I tried, I failed it ruined me

These waves will be the death of me
They call for me to come and sleep
down 10,000 leagues beneath
The surface and the air I need

The words you spoke behind your teeth
With silver tongue made me believe
In all the lies that swallowed me
and the truth that never set me free